Software Marketing Experts with an Obsession  for Conversions & ROAS

We’re not your traditional digital mar­ket­ing agen­cy. We’re a group of fast-moving marketers with a strong under­stand­ing of the soft­ware industry, especially SaaS, Fintech, Blockchain & AI.

We’re not satisfied with doing the bare minimum. We choose to focus on just a few clients at a time. This way, we can dedicate the resources it takes to thoroughly understand and grow them to their fullest potential.

We help educate, fuel, and build long-lasting relationships with the clients we work with. Let's see if we’re a fit 👇

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Meet the SaaS maniacs


Ravi Tharuma

Founder & Funnel Engineer

Experienced performance marketer with strong funnel and coding skills. As a SaaS, AI and Blockchain power user himself, he knows what really matters in this area firsthand.


Aurel Gergey

Google Ads & Conversion Copywriter

A seasoned copywriter with a long perfor­mance marketing history. He is the only copy­writer worldwide who's specialized in Google Ads - and he's a heavy user of SAAS of all sorts.


Samuel Friederich

Brand & Commercial Photographer

Commercial photographer and IT geek with vast experience in social media advertising. His visual artworks reach thousands of people and grab their attention on a daily basis.

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