Full Funnel Service™
Our holistic approach to growth

With our proven three areas of expertise, we maximize the chances to turbocharge your growth.

Increase Traffic

Get more, and higher quality traffic that converts using highly-targeted Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads.
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Improve Conversion

Get more, and higher quality traffic that converts using highly-targeted Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads.
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Increase Sales

Let's optimize your onboarding, nurture your leads, bring them back and turn them into customers.
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You will be in good company


All the skills explosive growth requires

If you want to win new customers online faster, you have to do a lot of things better: You must ideate, write copy, design, and measure smarter than before. LAVA brings all these skills to the table.

Ravi Tharuma

Founder / Funnel Engineer

Experienced performance marketer with strong funnel and coding skills. As a SaaS, AI and Blockchain power user himself, he knows what really matters in this area firsthand.


Aurel Gergey

Conversion Copywriter

A seasoned copywriter with a long performance marketing history. He is the only copywriter worldwide who's specialized in Google Ads - and he's a heavy user of SAAS of all sorts.


Mister Secret

Conversion Designer

A visual artist with a proven track record in the field. He knows the power of pictures - and he knows how to produce them.

Paid Advertising

Get traffic that truly converts

Running successful PPC campaigns is an art. Luckily we have the right knowledge and experience that will generate you a great return on your investment
Get highly-converting traffic now

Landing Pages & Funnels

Hot landing pages that help you sell more

There’s zero point running paid traffic if your website doesn’t convert. We will build you beautiful, conversion focused landing pages and funnels.

Get converting landing pages & funnels

Conversion Rate Optimization

Achieve the greatest ROMI by optimizing what really matters

By knowing what to test and the order of testing, we’re able to start with the lowest hanging fruit and get you results in the fastest possible way.
Explore profit-eating flaws in your funnel

Conversion Rate Optimization is the least sexy channel out there. But out of all channels, it provides the biggest ROI for the smallest investment... by far.

Neil Patel

Smoke Tests

Want to quickly test a new idea or feature?

Test new ideas safe and quickly with temporary landing pages and fast Google Ads campaigns, you’ll get fast first market reactions - which help you to decide about the power of your idea.
Run your first smoke test

Don't just take our word for it...

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Friendly and highly committed team that always goes the extra mile! Great knowledge and skills I can recommend them with a clear conscience.

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Luca Ilias Michas
Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder
Baby Food Platform
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Ravi and his team are largely responsible for the success of my company! They are the go-to agency that I recommend to every blockchain and fintech company out there. They bring our services to the right customer segment by running the most effective PPC campaigns.

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Pascal Röthlisberger
Blockchain OTC Company
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Our reach and sales have massively increased!

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Florian Sopa
Blockchain as a Service
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Four phases for the full picture

Phase 1

Research & Audit

We analyze your existing PPC campaigns, landing pages, monitor your visitors, survey your customers and collect arguments and ideas.

Phase 2


Based on the insights from our deep research, the first version of your landing page and/or PPC campaign is built and tested
Phase 3


With the constantly collected data and feedback, we continiously optimize the funnels and campaigains or suggest a change in strategy.

Phase 4


We use what we've learned and scaled it up - while in the same move returning to phase 1 and getting new ideas to test.

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Discover PPC ideas, CRO opportunities and split-tests that you can start running

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